About Birth and Easter

Bringing a baby into the world is no easy task, at least not in my experience. I, like many of you, could write a book on just my birthing experiences alone because of the unique and dramatic event that each one was. As a first timer, welcoming our “super girl“ into the world was as challenging (and damaging) as it sounds. I believe it’s called the thinking pose but it resulted in an arm (and elbow) presenting first, almost triumphantly, hence the “super girl”, and of course left some stitches and scarring in its wake. Oh but what a super…

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Finding the Time to Grieve

I can’t believe that it was almost a month ago that our tiny baby River was born via induced labour, still and without a heartbeat. I had the privilege of carrying him for 17.5 weeks.  My heart and mind are still working to process the loss of a life that we prayed for so often throughout 14 months of confusing infertility issues and health concerns. For over a year I struggled with dysfunctional uterine bleeding that caused anemia and adrenal fatigue and eventually put me on a wait list for a hysteroscopy, which in my case, was very likely going to be the…

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